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Customer Charter

Our promise to you

Orwell Veterinary Group is committed to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and premium veterinary care for their pets. In order to achieve this we have established a customer charter which sets out our promises to you:

A professional relationship based on compassion, understanding and trust

We will repay the trust you have placed in us to care for your pet by always greeting you and your pet with a smile. We will actively work to develop a close relationship with you and your pet in order to understand your needs and expectations so that they can be met. 

Clinical excellence through training and investment

Through our continual investment in staff training, facilities and equipment you can expect that your pet will always be cared for by staff who are highly motivated, and appropriately equipped and trained. 

Simple, clear communication and listening

As well as caring for your pet as if they were our own, we recognise we must care for you by keeping you informed and updated about all aspects of your pets care. Therefore we will speak to you in plain English and ensure that you understand. We will listen to any concerns you have about your pet and encourage feedback to help us improve our service to you. 

Honesty and transparency

We will always give you our honest opinion concerning your pet’s health and welfare so that you can make fully informed decisions about your pets care. We welcome your full involvement in your pets care and would encourage you to ask questions. We will discuss treatment options and costs with you and would welcome your input in those discussions. We will always offer you an estimate for proposed work.

Value for money

We recognise that caring for your pet can be costly particularly with unexpected illness. We will work with you to provide a level of service that is appropriate and suits your pet’s needs and your budget.

In return we expect:

  • Courtesy and respect to all staff members
  • Patience and understanding concerning delays caused when dealing with emergencies
  • Consideration for our safety when handling your pet
  • Your full engagement when discussing treatment options and associated costs so we can understand how to meet your needs
  • Prompt payment at the time of treatment or upon discharge of your pet