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Check out our price list below

Given the varied nature of our patients and their problems, it is impossible to publish an accurate price guide that covers every procedure or service. We would strongly recommend contacting the surgery to get a more accurate estimate and better understanding of what is included. It is vital when you compare prices that you compare like for like prices.

Our aim is to provide the best possible gold standard first opinion care for your pet whilst charging fees that represent excellent value for money. This requires the best drugs available and continual investment in equipment, facilities and further training for our staff. We try to keep our fees reasonable and structured to provide these high standard of care for your pet.

We recognise that many pet owners have a budget for their pet's healthcare and aim to work with each individual pet owner to tailor the level of care they desire for their pet. Please feel free to discuss the treatment options available for your pet so that we can meet your needs whilst offering excellent value for money.

All fees must be paid at the time of treatment unless by prior arrangement with the veterinary surgeon. Itemised invoices are provided. We accept Visa, Switch, Delta and Mastercard as well as cash or cheques supported by a valid cheque guarantee card.
We strongly recommend pet insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for your pet. For those clients with PetPlan Insurance we are able to accept payment directly from them.

Please note: As of March 2019, we will charge an administration fee for the processing of insurance claims. The cost for this is £27.19 for one year. This fee does not apply to Pet Heath Club members.‚Äč If you have any questions, just give us a call


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £52.00
Follow-up Consultation £50.33
Small Animal Consultation £52.00
Follow-up Small Animal Consultation £50.33

Our consultations are 15 minutes long allowing more time to better assess your pet.


  Standard Price
Puppy Primary* £103.84
Puppy Primary with KC* £134.38
Just 2nd puppy vacs (1st has been given elsewhere) £61.35
Dog Booster £61.35
Dog Booster with Kennel Cough £91.89
Rabies £108.29
Kennel Cough £53.91
Kitten Primary** £77.40
Kitten Primary with Leuk** £103.90
Cat Booster £59.76
Cat Booster with Leuk £72.93
Rabbit Vaccination (Myxo and RHD) £75.88
Rabbit Filavac (RHD 1/2) £54.49

Our vaccinations include a health check with a vet.
* Includes x2 vacs 4 weeks apart and HC with a vet, 4 weeks free insurance and 1 pipette of flea and worm treatment. A first dose may be given to puppies from 6 weeks of age, but because maternally derived antibodies can interfere with response to vaccination, a final dose should be given 4 weeks later at 10 weeks of age or older. The onset of immunity is one week following completion of primary vaccination. Nobivac DHP can be used in pregnant bitches.
** Includes x2 vacs 3 - 4 weeks apart, x2 HC with vet, 4 weeks free insurance and 1 pipette of flea and worm treatment

Neutering Operations

*All neuters now include a goodie bag*

Dog Standard Price
Castrate up to 25kg £262.42
Castrate over 25kg £312.27
Castrate up to 45kg £427.99
Bitch Spay up to 25kg £366.13
Bitch Spay over 25kg £438.80
Bitch Spay over 45kg £503.85

Dog castration includes op while on fluids, pain relief to come home with, buster collar, stitches out 10 days post-op and an appointment 3 months post-op.
Bitch spay includes op while on fluids, overnight stay, pain relief to come home with, buster collar, stitches out 10 days post-op and an appointment 3 months post-op.

Cat Standard Price
Castrate £96.08
Spay £139.26
Spay if pregnant £210.33

Cat castration includes op and post-op check 3 months later.
Cat spay includes op, pain relief to come home with, buster collar, stitches out 10 days post-op and an appointment 3 months post-op.

Rabbit Standard Price
Castrate £140.64
Spay £196.94


  Standard Price
Microchipping £36.11


  Standard Price
Euthanasia of cat in surgery £104.05
Euthanasia of dog in surgery £125.46
Euthanasia of large dog in surgery £153.35
Euthanasia of guinea pig £47.14
Euthanasia of rabbit £59.83
Euthanasia of small animal in surgery £32.94

Additional Prices

  Standard Price
EAG £41.26
Nail Clip £41.36
POB £76.12
AHC £207.52
AHC each additional pet £54.90
Insurance Claim Processing £27.19*

* This fee does not apply to Pet Heath Club members.