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Providing your pet with the best care possible

As the only tier 3 RCVS accredited small animal veterinary hospital in Ipswich we have all the facilities you would expect for the most up to date care of your pet. In addition to these superb facilities, and perhaps more importantly, we have the experienced and suitably trained staff to provide the care and attention your pet deserves. We are a RCVS approved Veterinary Nurse Training Centre that means we have nurses trained to the highest standards. All our Veterinary Surgeons undergo ongoing training to keep them up to date with new techniques and treatments.

Surgical Facilities and Procedures

We have two dedicated operating theatres for sterile surgery, a dental theatre, and a large preparation room for non sterile procedures. We have a full range of surgical equipment that enables us to perform all routine surgery to the highest standards and many more complex procedures including most orthopaedic operations, soft tissue surgery, and cancer surgery. As the only tier 3 vet hospital in Ipswich we are the only vet practice to carry out clinical audits that ensure the best and safest outcomes for our patients by monitoring what we do.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to carry out most common fracture repairs (bone plating, IM pinning, and external fixators), cranial cruciate ligament surgery (including Tibial Tuberosity Advancement TTA and lateral capsular stabilisation), luxating patellar surgery (Tibial Crest Transposition). We also have the equipment and experience to carry out most common soft tissue procedures such as exploratory laparotomies, gastrointestinal surgery, endoscopy and bronchoscopy, urogenital surgery, reconstructive skin surgery post trauma or tumour removal. In addition to our ability to perform a wide variety of procedures we have the necessary nursing and in patient facilities to care for your pet post operatively, so they recover safely and pain free.

We have a fully equipped and dedicated dental theatre that enables us to perform non sterile dental work away from sterile procedures. We also offer Laparoscopic surgery.

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Ultrasound machine with colour flow doppler
  • Digital X-rays
  • ECG machine
  • Bronchoscope
  • Gastroscope
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Capnograph
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Tonopen to measure intra occular pressure
  • Haematology
  • Blood Biochemistry
  • Blood Electrolytes
  • Microscope for in house histology/cytology

We have all the necessary equipment at our Kesgrave vet hospital in order to make a prompt diagnosis for the overwhelming majority of cases. In addition we have the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment in order to ensure the safety of your pets

In-house Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory situated at our Grange Farm vet practice provides us with same day results on blood and urine tests, skin scrapes and other samples.

We can also obtain rapid pre-anaesthetic blood test results to ensure older and higher risk patients are healthy enough for general anaesthesia.


There are separate cat and dog kennel wards at our Grange Farm vet hospital which provide warm, safe and secure kennelling for all our patients from our spacious walk in kennel for giant breeds of dog, to our quiet easy-clean fibre glass kennels for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Cats are treated to a pheromone diffuser in the cat ward to help keep them calm while they are with us.

All our kennels undergo a rigorous ‘clean’ between patients ensuring effective infection control.

We have isolation kennels located away from the main dog and cat wards in order to prevent the spread of potentially infectious diseases, with strict animal handling protocols in place. 

Intensive Care Unit

There is a separate Intensive Care Unit at the vet hospital, for patients as they recover from operations and for very poorly animals that need close monitoring and intensive treatment.

This area is situated next to the prep room and is used predominantly for animals recovering from anaesthesia. Dogs and Cats are constantly monitored here until they are fully recovered and able to return to their kennel in the wards.

24 Hour Nursing Care

24-hour nursing care is provided by VetsNow. This means patients are never left unattended while in our care. This is an important part of our RCVS hospital status and sets us apart from other practices in the area. Inpatients can be closely monitored if required through out the night, medication can be administered at any time of the day or night and worried patients can be comforted. In addition the duty vet always has a nurse immediately available to assist with emergencies.

For more information about accredited hospital status please visit www.rcvs.org.uk

Reception Area

We have a fully air conditioned reception and waiting area at our Kesgrave vet hospital with a large selection of recommended dog, cat and rabbit foods and pet accessories. Our Berners Street vet practice in Ipswich has a very well stocked retail area.
We provide separate dog and cat waiting areas.

Friendly and well-trained reception staff and nurses are always available to discuss pet health care issues and make a fuss of your pet!

A wall mounted plasma screen provides useful information about products and services and special offers.

Car Parking and Access

We have free car parking at all three of our surgeries. The vet hospital in Kesgrave has a large car park with disabled and parent and child parking. The vet surgery on Berners Street in Ipswich has dedicated client parking in front of the surgery. The Stutton Vet Practice has a large free car park in front of the surgery.