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Providing pet care around the clock

At Orwell Vets we believe in the best possible standards of care for your pet. For that reason we have decided to partner with Vets Now at Vets Now at our Orwell Vets Grange Farm, Kesgrave site to provide our out of hours emergency service.

If you have an emergency during normal opening hours

Please phone the surgery as usual on 01473 333677 to book an appointment. Emergencies during the day will always be seen as quickly as possible. Please telephone to let us know you are coming in with an emergency.

Helpful Advice

  • If you think you have an emergency when we are open then please phone as soon as possible for advice.
  • If you telephone during normal opening hours with an emergency you will be offered an appointment and seen.
  • If your pet is unwell and you are not sure if it is an emergency then please phone for advice.

If you have an emergency outside normal opening hours

Please phone the surgery as usual on 01473 333677. Your call will automatically be transferred to Vets Now.

Helpful Advice

  • Do Not Panic.
  • If your pet is on treatment or has an existing health problem then please let the Vets Now staff know so they can contact us for a full clinical history.
  • If you are seen at Vets Now they will contact us to organise ongoing care.

We are still available to provide emergency care during our normal opening hours at our Grange Farm Hospital. In order to accommodate as many clients as possible we have extended our opening hours at the hospital.

1 Tommy Flowers Drive
Hartree Way Grange Farm
Kesgrave nr Martlesham,