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Learn more about what we do

Orwell Veterinary Group is a first opinion companion animal vet practice in Ipswich providing a full range of services for small animal pets from dogs and cats to rabbits, hamster, caged birds, and many more exotic species. We have a wide range of facilities and equipment that enable us to provide the highest standards of care possible from our RCVS accredited tier 3 vet hospital.

We have vets who have various interests and skills that allow us to treat the overwhelming majority of cases that come through the door. For more complicated cases we use the highly regarded Dick White Referral Practice in Newmarket.


We believe it is important for you to be able to see the vet of your choice, and for follow up appointments to be made with the same vet. Our consultations are by appointment only. We allocate 15 minutes for a 1st consultation. If you feel a problem will require longer please ask for a double appointment.

Appointments are available throughout the day at the Grange Farm Hospital and Berners House. Appointment are available in the evenings at the Stutton surgery.

We now have extended opening hours at our Grange Farm Vet Hospital with appointments available until 7:45pm on weekdays to help fit in with many peoples busy lifestyles.

To request an appointment, you can either contact us directly, or you can now book online.

We can now book appointments up to 18 months in advance, our reminder system will make sure you receive two reminders depending on how far ahead your appointment is.

If you wish to cancel your appointment please contact us as soon as possible so we can make the appointment available to someone else.

If you are running late please contact us to let us know so we reorganise our schedule.

When you arrive at the surgery please let the reception staff know that you have arrived.

When you see the vet, he or she might ask you some questions regarding your pets illness in order to establish what the problem might be. The more accurate and detailed your description of your pets illness the better.

Please warn us of any special requirements or safety precautions before we begin examining your pet.

Please feel free to ask any questions or seek clarification if you are unsure of any advice we give you. It is our aim to ensure you understand your pets illness and treatment requirements fully.

When booking re-examination appointments make sure you see the same vet at one of our Ipswich vet surgeries.

Microchip Identification

Microchip identification is available at all four surgeries for your pet. This can be done in a normal appointment and does not require sedation or anaesthesia. Many clients choose to microchip their pets while they are undergoing routine neutering surgery.

From 6th April 2016, it has been compulsory to have your dog microchipped. All dog owners must ensure their dog is microchipped and registered on an accredited microchip database. In addition, dog owners or breeders will have to register the details of a new owner before they sell or give a dog or puppy away. Puppies must be microchipped by the time they are 12 weeks old. Dog owners must ensure their details are up to date on the microchip database should they change. Compulsory Dog Microchipping will help reduce lost and unwanted pets and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Pets Passports

Going on holiday? You will need a Pet Passport to take your pet abroad.

If you are considering taking your pet abroad we can discuss the procedure and make all the necessary arrangements to issue your pet with a passport. Please phone to request an information pack. To obtain a Pet Passport is considerably easier than in previous years. Your pet must be microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies. Your Pet Passport will then be issued approx. 21 days after rabies vaccination. Currently in the UK rabies vaccination must be carried out within 3 years to keep the passport valid. When travelling abroad there may be some country specific requirements for entry - so check well in advance with your airline and/or DEFRA (Tel: 03702 411710). To re-enter the UK your pet must be treated for tapeworms (echinococcus) by a vet who then certifies this on your passport. This treatment must be given 24 - 120 hours before re-entry. Before travelling with a pet you should also check if there are any specific health risks to your pet at your destination.

For more information, please visit the government website.

Puppy Parties

We run puppy parties in Ipswich for groups of about six puppies every month. The course is run over three Monday evenings at Berners Street and are hosted by Orwell Vet Nurse Kirsten Adam who is also a Canine Behaviour Centre Dog Psychologist.

The parties provide an ideal opportunity for young pups to socialise and for us to talk to owners about many aspects of caring for a puppy to ensure it grows into a healthy and well behaved adult dog. Puppies need to be aged between 9 - 11 weeks to join our parties and have had their first vaccinations.

To contact Kirsten, please phone 01473 333677 or email: kirsten.adam@orwellvets.co.uk 
Puppy party courses take place on Mondays from 7:00pm, ask at reception for more details.



Just a quick note to say that I found the puppy classes to be very enjoyable and most informative (I am sure Tammi enjoyed herself also). Although Tammi has Pepsi at home to play with it was lovely to see her playing with the other dogs. It was very interesting to have a peep 'behind the scenes' & amazing to see where the real work takes place. Tracy kept us up to date with all the issues of having a puppy living at home, neutering, vaccinations, chipping, insurance etc. And I think Tracy did a very good job. Once again thank you. Mrs Bright.

Marnie & Rayne

Marni and Rayne enjoyed the socialisation aspect of the Puppy Party evenings under the watchful eye of Tracy, whilst us "parents" both renewed our knowledge after 15 years of last having a puppy with Tracy's helpful and enlightening information.

Evenings well spent.


The puppy parties for us were a great success. We now have the skills to be able nurture a well behaved, loveable of course obedient pup.

Thank you from the Morgan Family and Charlie of course.


Poppy had her first socialisation with other puppies which she really enjoyed. It gave me a chance to meet other puppy owners and to speak to Tracy about any problems, but it also made taking her to see the vet a more relaxing time.

Home Visits

We are happy to visit your pet at home, so please contact us to arrange a visit. To arrange a home visit by a vet in Ipswich please telephone the surgery.

Please bear in mind that a lot of conditions may be better treated at the surgery where we have a full range of medications, equipment and nurse assistance. If you are unsure whether a home visit is appropriate, please phone and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Please note there is an extra charge for a home visit. Visits are normally made between 10:30am and 3:30pm.

Some pet owners prefer to have a home visit by the vet when they have decided to have their pet euthanased. We recommend contacting the vet surgery well in advance to discuss your requirements so that we can help make a very upsetting situation as bearable as possible.

Nurse Clinics

Our qualified veterinary nurses run vet nurse clinics in Ipswich to remove sutures, clip nails, perform dental checks, pet weighing and a number of other services. They give advice on flea and worm control, feeding and diets, insurance and general pet health care. Many clients take advantage of the clinics for help in administering flea and worm treatments to their pets. Most of these services are free of charge.

The nurses provide free puppy and kitten follow up checks one month after completing their vaccination courses to monitor their health and give advice/answer any general questions you may have on any of the topics mentioned above.

Free follow up fitness checks are performed by our qualified nurses three months after routine castration and spaying operations for dogs and cats.

The nurses also carry out 6 month health checks for pets in our Pet Health Club.

To take advantage of any of the nurse clinics, please contact the surgery for details or to book an appointment.

Please note nurse clinics are not available at our Ravenswood and Stutton surgeries although a vet will be able to provide the same services at the same rate.

Free of Charge Nurse Clinics

  • Pre-purchase consultation (advice before buying your new pet)
  • Puppy, kitten or rabbit checks (monthly until 6 months old)
  • Pre-neutering examination & Post neutering checks (3 months after neutering operation)
  • Suture removal (after operations carried out by Orwell Vet Group)
  • Dental checks
  • Weight management clinics
  • Palliative Care Scheme
  • Application of flea or forming products (sold by Orwell Vet Group)
  • Insurance advice
  • Pet Health Club (discount scheme) Nurse check

Chargeable Nurse Clinics

  • Small Furries Clinic (follow up appointments free of charge)
  • Nurse Anal Gland emptying
  • Nutritional Advice Clinic (follow up appointments free of charge)
  • Dog, Cat, Rabbit, and Guinea Pig Nail clipping
  • Tick removal
  • Clipping out knots from coat and dematting
  • Microchipping (pay for the idchip and not the insertion)
  • Pet behavioural consultations with Nurse Behaviourist
  • Repeat injections and blood tests as indicated by the case vet
  • Tortoise pre and post hibernation check
  • Bandage change/check as indicated by the case vet

Pet Behaviour Counselling

If you believe your dog has behavioural problems, please contact on of our vet surgeries in Ipswich to book an appointment (either a telephone call appointment or in person with your dog) with our Dog Psychologist and vet nurse Tracy Abraham. 10 minutes phone consultations are £10.00 or consultations by appointment are £45.00.

For all Pet Behaviour Counselling in Ipswich please contact Tracy or If you have any enquiries for Tracy please phone 01473 333677 or email tracy@orwellvets.co.uk.

We can also arrange a referral to see Lucy Bingley - please note these appointments are by veterinary referral only.

Veterinary Ambulance

We have a Vet Ambulance for our vet surgeries in Ipswich which has purpose built kennelling for the safe transport of pets between our four vet surgeries in Ipswich.

We can also arrange to collect and return your pet home after treatment at the Hospital if you have transport difficulties. There is a small charge for this service.

Lost and Found Pets

We log all lost and found pets reported to the practice. If you have a lost dog or cat in Ipswich then please contact us. We will also advise worried owners with lost pets about all the ways they can try to find their pet, including providing a list of all the relevant contact phone numbers.

If you have lost your pet then contact us with details of where your pet was lost and a description of your pet.

We strongly recommend identifying your pet with a microchip.

Time to say Goodbye

As pet owners, we endeavour to make sure that our faithful companions stay fit and healthy, enabling them to live to an old age. Unfortunately, our pets do not live as long as us and at some point, we will have to prepare to let them go. Sadly, few of our pets pass peacefully away in their sleep. Therefore, we all wish to do the right thing at the right time, fulfilling our responsibility and commitment in their final days. We hope these words will help you and your family in a time of conflicting emotions.

Nobody knows their pet better than you and your closest family and friends, so let them help and share in making a reasoned judgement on your pet’s quality of life.
Indications that things may not be well may include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • A reluctance to play and move around as normal
  • Restlessness or becoming withdrawn from you

When the time is right to put your pet to sleep, you may see evidence of a combination of all the above indicators and your pet may seem distressed, uncomfortable or disorientated within your home.
Is there nothing more I can do?

As your vet, we will discuss all treatment options available for your pet to relieve their symptoms, but there will come a time when all forms of treatment have been exhausted, we have discovered the disease is incurable, or you feel your pet is suffering too much. You and your family may wish to talk with your Veterinary Surgeon to help you all come to this final decision; in this case, we will arrange an appointment for you.
When and where can we say goodbye?

We hope this section will help you and your family understand your pet’s end-of-life journey. This is known as ‘euthanasia’ but often referred to as ‘putting to sleep’. After discussing with your family and your vet, and having decided that the time has come, you can contact your surgery and make an appointment. We will always try to make this appointment at a time that is convenient for you – usually at a quieter time of the day.
It is also possible to arrange this appointment to be performed in the comfort of your own home. If this is an option you would like, we will do our best to arrange a home visit. In these cases, a vet and a nurse will visit your home. When they have put your pet to sleep, they will either take the body back to the surgery for cremation or leave them with you to bury at home. Additional charges will apply for this service and certain times of day may be restricted.
Will I be able to stay with my pet?

Being present when your pet is put to sleep will be both emotional and distressing, but the majority of owners feel that they give comfort to their pet during their last moments, and can make their final goodbyes. But this is not comfortable for everyone; we understand if you do not want to stay in the room with your pet but make your goodbyes afterwards. We will always make time for you and your family to do this.
What will happen?

Initially, your vet or another member of our team will ask you to sign a consent form to give us permission to put your pet to sleep. You may have already discussed with your vet what you then wish to do with your pet’s body, but we will confirm this on the consent form.
Many owners are surprised by how peaceful euthanasia can be. Euthanasia involves injecting an overdose of anaesthetic into the vein of your pet’s front leg. Some of our vets would have previously inserted a catheter into the vein or sedated your pet if they are particularly nervous or uncomfortable.
After the anaesthetic has been injected, your pet’s heart will stop beating and they will rapidly lose consciousness and stop breathing. Your vet will check that their heart has stopped beating and confirm that they have passed away. On occasion, the pet’s muscles and limbs may tremble and they may gasp a few times, these are reflex actions only – not signs of life – but may be upsetting. If they occur, they are unavoidable. Your pet’s eyes will remain open and it is normal for them to empty their bowel or bladder as the body shuts down.

What happens next?

There are several options available for your pet. Your Veterinary team can discuss these with you and give you an idea of costs involved.

  • Communal Cremation – Leave your pet with us to be cremated with other pets. With this type of cremation, no ashes will be returned to you. For the majority of our clients, this is the most appropriate form of closure.
  • Individual Cremation – A private cremation for your pet at our nominated crematorium company, Pet Cremation Services (PCS). Your pet’s ashes will then be returned to you in either a sealed casket of your choice or a scatter box, for you and your family to scatter their ashes in a location of your choice. Our team will have several options you can choose from.
  • ‘Taking them home’ – You can also take your pet home for burial, but please bear in mind this may not always be practical. We can provide coffins for home burial. Please ask any of our team.
  • Some surgeries also have a local pet cemetery company that will arrange everything from collecting your pet from the vet, preparing a grave and performing the burial. Our practice team will be able to give you further information.

When will I need to decide?

We would encourage you and your family to discuss these options before your pet is put to sleep, and to let your vet know. We will keep a note of your wishes with pet’s notes. However, in some cases the euthanasia may have occurred after an accident and you will need more time to make this decision. It is possible for us to keep your pet for a short time afterwards, to give you and your family time to reflect before making a decision.
Coping with the loss

Everyone deals with grief in different ways. When grieving for a much-loved pet, you or other members of your family may experience a range of emotions from shock, denial, disbelief and, very often, guilt. Should you wish to talk to anyone at your Veterinary surgery, we can offer support and advice.
If, after reading these pages, there are still facts you would like to know, we will be more than happy to help. Please contact us at the surgery.

The following organisations can provide further help and support:

The Ralph Site

The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross also offer a bereavement support line if you would like to talk to someone. The number is 0800 0966606. The sites above also offer special books that have been written to help your children understand the loss of their pets.

Pet Crematorium

The cremation service is operated with the utmost care and sensitivity by PCS. The crematorium is located in a tranquil setting in the countryside, providing a peaceful place for a dearly departed pet's final journey.

We guarantee that your pet's body will be handled with dignity, care and respect from the moment it is put to sleep to the moment it is placed in the crematoria. When an individual cremation is requested, that is exactly what happens, giving you peace of mind at a time of great sadness.

A choice of caskets, scatter boxes and urns are available for the return of your pet's ashes. Engraved nameplates are also available.

At a time of great sadness Orwell Vet Group is able to provide the best possible care for you and your pet.