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Patricia Garrod


Patricia Garrod - Receptionist
Patricia Garrod Receptionist

I have worked at Orwell Vets since 2019, after returning to the UK from Cyprus, where I lived for 10 years. My time in Cyprus was spent enjoying the sunshine, the local brandy sours and volunteering at an animal rescue centre, Kyrenia Animal Rescue. I loved my time at the centre and still miss the 300 plus dogs that live there - I can still remember most of their names! My last 2 dogs, Tintin & Brandy, were rescue dogs from KAR who saw out their twilight years back here in England.

Other adventures I have had are walking round a volcano in Indonesia, flying over the Angel Falls in Venezuela & floating over the Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon. I am also a qualified Aromatherapist & Reflexologist.

In my spare time, I enjoy holidays abroad, socialising with friends, eating out and seeing live bands.