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Tracy Lindley

Veterinary Nurse

Tracy Lindley - Veterinary Nurse
Tracy Lindley RVN Veterinary Nurse

I have worked at Orwell Vets since 2005. I started here as a student nurse and qualified in 2008.

I have an interest in animal behaviour and since qualifying in 2008 have done various courses on dog and cat behaviour. This has enabled me to help some of our clients with their problematic pets. I am in charge of the nurse rota which at times can make you want to pull your hair out. There are 15 nurses to organise on the rota so has its tricky moments. 

At home I have a yellow Labrador called Reuben. We have had him since 2012 and got him as a puppy. 

In 2016 I went on maternity leave and in November had my baby girl. She absolutely adores Reuben and they are the best of friends. It is really lovely to see the bond they are building. She takes after her mum with her love of animals.